7 Pipe PRO



Construction: Made of aluminum with glass parts

Type: Portable, Direct Inhalation

Weight: Under 1 lb.

Manufacturer: 7pipe

Made in the USA

Additional Information: For use with tobacco and/or legal aroma smoking blends only.

7 Pipe Self-Lighting Pipe All-In-One Lighter

7 Pipe pro is an all-inclusive portable smoking device that adds new meaning to the word convenience. From the moment you open the 7Pipe’s packaging you now have everything you need to enjoy a smooth smoking experience including an adjustable flame, refillable butane chamber, and built-in lighter. The 7Pipe is very similar to the Solopipe sharing click trigger lighting designs, but with the added bonus of a glass bowl and stem rather than an aluminum or brass bowl. The glass bowl and mouthpiece stem are encased in sturdy aluminum, so you aren’t sacrificing any durability by going with glass.

The magnetic back of the 7Pipe comes off with ease, revealing the entire glass bowl and stem as well as an additional storage compartment on top of the blend chamber with a sliding door to seal it. On top of all its great features and the excellent smoking experience it offers, the 7Pipe comes with all the extras you will need including a small pipe cleaner to keep the pipe and glass stem clean and clear. From its click trigger ease of use to all its extras, the 7Pipe Pro is a perfect portable smoking solution. We also have other lighters. Justย  ๐Ÿ‘‰CLICK HERE๐Ÿ‘ˆ

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