Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner – Best Bong Cleaner


  • No Harmful Chemicals – Unlike other cleaners, this is based on a food-based compound and free of harmful chemicals.
  • Multi-Surface cleaner –  This cleaner is compatible with multiple materials such as titanium, Acrylic, Ceramic Glass, and Quartz Surfaces.
  • Easy to use – just heat the product and see the cleaning action. Please see the label for instructions


Why is Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner the best bong cleaner?

Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner is the best bong cleaner because it is a chemical-free, plant-based cleaner for glass vessels and bongs. It posses no harmful chemicals and very easy to use. The product is safe to use with glass, quartz, titanium, acrylic, and ceramic. This cleaner is highly recommended for cleaning heavily stained glass vessels with the use of medical cannabis products. This cleaner does not contain any harmful chemicals such as, alcohol, limonene, acetone, or chemical solvent that a regular glass cleaner has.

With the multi-surface compatibility and ease to use, this is considered the best bong cleaner in the market today.


Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner is formulated based on food-based and organic compounds. To activate the ingredient, Dark Crystal Cleaner needs to be heated up to perform the optimal quality. It will not work in a colder temperature. Please find the instructions attached to the label. This product is safe to use for Titanium, Acrylic, Ceramic Glass, and Quartz Surfaces.

How to use Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner

Dark Crystal Glass cleaner is compatible with many materials. Below are the most common way of cleaning bongs and accessories.

Soaking Procedure

  • Pour the liquid directly into the vessel, or pipes, keep it soaked until the stains are gone.
  • Slowly agitate them when necessary
  • In cases where there’s a thick carbon build-up, use a cotton swab to agitate remove the material build-up.
  • Pour cleaner out of the vessel quickly to remove all residue that was accumulated on the bottom. It is highly recommended to rinse the vessel with warm water to remove all materials that were left behind. repeat the procedure as needed.

Microwave Oven Procedure

Note: The plastic container that holds the liquid is not microwave safe

  • Pour the solution into a microwave-safe container, heat using high heat settings for 1 to 2 minutes or until the solution is warm. Use with care when handling warm objects or liquids.
  • Pur Quartz material into the hot solution and see the product works instantly. A heat-resistant glove or tongs may be required to handle hot materials.
  • In cases where there’s a residue left on the materials, use a swap soaked with the cleaner and agitate the remaining grimes or build-up on the material.

As Additive

  • It is safe to add few drops into the water before use. This helps eliminate the build-up of residue inside the vessel.
  • If you see bubbles inside the vessel, it simply means you had added too much cleaner inside. Just simply dilute it.
  • Water may become cloudy, this is normal


  • One of the reasons why Dark Crystal is the Best Bong Cleaner is that it is not disposable. You can simply filter the liquid using a regular coffee filter and reuse the liquid.

Calcium Build-up removal

  • For materials that had calcium accumulated into it, you simply soak the material into the hot liquid. Agitate the stains if necessary and repeat the procedure until the vessel is free of any stains. Rinse material with hot water and repeat as often as needed.

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See the official video on youtube.


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710ml, 250ml, 30ml


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