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Illuminate Cone Crusher 19



Loads 19 Pre-rolled 1 1/4 Cones

Product Description

Illuminate Cone Crusher 19 Save your endless hours and pick up one of these cone crushers to fill and pack 19 pre-rolled 1 1/4″ cones in at one time! Made in Canada with PLA Plastic (A Renewable Bio Plastic)

Hi! there everyone we’ve just come out with a new product to show off here this is our 3d printed 19 slot cone crusher this accessory is super easy to use and is a huge time saver compared to other products on the market if you pick up the old raw six-shooter you’ll be spending all your free time packing each cone one by one well we had eliminated cannabis know that ain’t nobody got time for that’s why we developed this 19 prong poker so you can spend less time packing your bud and more time enjoying or Watch The Tutorial On How to do it!! Click 👉HERE👈

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