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Illuminate Cone Crusher 46



Loads 46 Pre-rolled 1 1/4 Cones

Product Description

Illuminate Cone Crusher 46 will gonna save you endless hours and pick up one of these cone crushers to fill and pack 19 or 46 pre-rolled 1 1/4″ cones in at one time!Made in Canada with PLA Plastic (A Renewable Bio Plastic)

So this is our 46 slot cone crusher yes you heard me right you’re going to be packing 46 cones at one time so without further ado let’s grab some bud and get to work to start using the cone pressure you want to load all your cones in just about a mil underneath right here once you have all your cones loaded in you just add your funnel grab your bud and dump her on once you got it loaded up there just give it a nice shake till it all falls down in there now all your cones are nice and filled you want to stop and they’re about a quarter-inch above the rim there once these are all filled up we remove the funnel takes off the bottom cap where you’ll see all your comb sticking out just take it down keep your nice press and there are all your pre-rolled kelvins just take them to give them a nice little twist and they are good to go we can take our thunder pack load them up in there nicely packed. Watch The Tutorial On How to do it!! Click👉 HERE👈

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