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London Butane Gas for Lighters



  • PURE BUTANE – 99.999% pure butane gas
  • NEAR ZERO IMPURITIES – Our storage tanks are cleaned out regularly. The filling equipment is constantly kept in spotless condition. To minimize the risk of impurities, our printed cans are welded without lubricant, and our special valves for tinplated steel aerosol cans are laminated to prevent substances exuding from the gasket and polluting the liquid butane. This process is exclusive to us.
  • LARGE CANS – 300ml / 167g of the highest quality butane gas
  • PRODUCT APPLICATION – Products that produce a flame for which any make of refill is suitable like ordinary flint, piezo and battery lighters, barbecues and gas cookers, butane candles, primus stoves, industrial blowtorches.
  • PRODUCT APPLICATION – Heat generated thermal products for which only the products made by us are considered suitable, for example, windproof turbo flameless lighters, portable soldering irons, miniature blowtorches, portable smoothing irons, butane thermal jackets, all-day hot pizza containers, crème brûlée caramelizes, cordless hair stylers and curlers, heat-sterilized cutters for horticultural purposes (vegetables, fruit, and flowers), medical, dentistry and veterinary purposes.


The London Butane Gas for Lighters 300ml/167g of high-grade London butane gas with near-zero impurities Any make of butane gas lighter refill with adaptors could fill most of the world’s flint, piezo or battery lighters without any problem apart from odor. But as technology has become ever more advanced, and the outlet apertures from the internal butane tank have become near-invisible, the chance of blockages from impurities has become an ever more prevalent problem. Impurities in almost all other refills can render the appliance useless. Only London Butane is safe to refill heat-generated thermal lighters and other appliances. We also have Whip-it! Refine Butane Fuel

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