Shine King Size 6 Sheet Pack



  • Handcrafted 24K gold rolling papers made with the finest edible gold and hemp blend paper.
  • Each paper measures 53 mm x 100 mm.

Product Description

Shine King Size 6 Sheet Pack gold rolling paper, the finer things in life with 24K King gold rolling paper. This pack comes with 6 King rolling papers of 24K gold. Made with a hemp blend base for the smoothest burn. It is a nice slow, even, and consistent burn. The gold stays on the ashes, so it is safe to smoke.

Pure opulence in a paper. Shine 24K King size is crafted with a hemp blend base for a smooth draw and even burn. Next, they’re enrobed with edible 24K gold for true luxury. Heads will turn as you smoke these sumptuous, golden papers. These show stoppers are 53mm x 100mm, and come in a pack of 6. A demo on how to roll

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