SmokeBuddy Original Personal Air Filter – Cares


  • Easy to carry around – includes a small keychain with LED light.
  • Easy storage – travel cap includes for ease of storage
  • Environmentally friendly – eliminates secondhand smoke and keeping your loved ones, family, friends, and neighbors,  free from harmful secondhand smoke. This is also made of environmentally friendly plastic.
  • Convenient – the small devices can be easily stored anywhere.
  • Can be used more than 300 times.

Smokebuddy original is your personal air filter purifier that comes in handy in the life-saving air filter. This air filter eliminates odors from the use of smoke. Just simply exhale through the filter and the air that comes out would be odorless. This device helps eliminates secondhand smoke and keeping love one’s free of harm.

Keep your family, love one’s and neighbor safe by eliminating second-hand smoke with the use of smokebuddy air filter.

We have a huge collection of SmokdBuddy Original and SmokeBuddy Junior in our catalog.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 6 cm


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