Water Pipe 8 Black and Yellow Bee Honeycomb Bong



Made of thick glass
The pipe is 8″ Tall
Red Bees & Honey Comb Design
Beaker Base
Ice Catchers
Thick Glass Slide in stem with Bowl Attached

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Product Description

This Water Pipe 8 Black and Yellow Bee Honeycomb Bong is an 8-inch thick bong.
The glass water pipe takes a glass-on-glass diff flush downstem, which then carries
the funnel bowl with a handle.
The base on this bong is a beaker shape, the beaker shape is best for hold more water and volume so best come correct with big lungs.
The joint on this tube is a beefy phat 19 style joint so the sides an extra thick. This will help protect your tube from getting dinged or cracked. The ice pushes on this piece means you can drop a couple of ice cubes down this baby and get an icy cool bong rip every time.

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